Selected Coins of Asia Minor

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gag019_o gag019_r
Asia Minor Coin GAG019
Mysia Pergamon Attalos I Tetradrachm 241/197BC
AG 27.5-29.3mm : 17.032gm
OBV - Laureate head of Philetairos facing right
REV - Athena seated facing left, leaning on shield, bow behind, PHILETAIROS in front, arm extended holding wreath crowning name, A under extended arm, ivy leaf at left
REF - SG 7221 Westermark Group IVA SNGCop 335 SNG von Aulock 1356
gag024_o gag024_r
Asia Minor Coin GAG024
Aeolis Myrina Tetradrachm After 165BC
AG 29.7-31.2mm : 16.336gm
OBV - Head of Apollo Grynion, laureate with fillets, facing right
REV - Standing Apollo facing right holding branch, in oak wreath, MYRINAION to left, single-handled pitcher below right

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