Selected Coins of the Macedonian Kingdom

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gae061_o gae061_r
Macedonian Coin GAE061
Philip II 359/336BC - Unit
AE 16.6-17.3mm : 6.26gm
OBV - Apollo laureate head facing left
REV - Youth on prancing horse to right, PHILIPPOY above, trident below
gae155_o gae155_r
Macedonian Coin GAE155
Alexander III The Great 336/323BC - Macedonia - Unit
AE 18.0-18.4mm : 5.492gm
OBV - Herakles facing left, clad in lionskin headdress
REV - ALEXANDROU with bow in case above (f/R) above, club (f/L) below, K below club
REF - Price 301 (variant)
NOTE - Variant of Price 301 - same reverse, but obverse head on this coin facing left instead of right (P301). This coin not shown in Price.
gae079_o gae079_r
Macedonian Coin GAE079
Alexander III The Great 336/323BC - Macedonia(?) - Unit
AE 18.4-21.4mm : 5.904gm
OBV - Herakles facing right, clad in lionskin headdress, PHI behind head
REV - ALEXANDROU with club (f/R) above, bowcase (f/L) below
REF - Price 266 variant - PHI behind head on obverse
NOTE - Price 315 has obverse head facing left with PHI at left. This coin seems to be similar, but with obverse head facing right. Price 266 has same orientation of reverse devices and lack of symbols, but no PHI on obverse.
gae074_o gae074_r
Macedonian Coin GAE074
Lysimachos in the style of Philipp II - Macedonia - Unit 323/281BC
AE 16.7-17.9mm : 5.156gm
OBV - Apollo facing right
REV - Youth on prancing horse, facing right, PHILIPPOY above, monogram LAMBDA UPSILON below, forepart of lion in front of monogram
REF - Price P3 - P5 Sear 985S
gae782_o gae782_r
Macedonian Coin GAE782
Kassander - Macedonia - Unit 315/297BC
AE 21.1-22.2mm : 6.862gm : 5h
OBV - Helmeted Athena facing left
REV - Bow case above BASILEOS above club (with X at right) above KASSANDROS. Additional letters in exergue.
REF - cf SNG Cop 1159
gae213_o gae213_r
Macedonian Coin GAE213
Antigonos II Gonatas 277/239 BC - Unit
AE 16.5-18.7mm : 4.718gm
OBV - Herakles in lionskin headdress facing right
REV - Youth on prancing horse, crowning it, to right - B above horse and behind rider, A above horse head, monogram ANT below, rayed wheel (ship pilot wheel?) at far right (partly off coin)
REF - SG 6787 SNGCOP 1216
gae091_o gae091_r
Macedonian Coin GAE091
Philip V 220/179BC - Unit
AE 17.6-19.2mm : 5.58gm
OBV - Laureate head of Philipp V with floral ornament facing right, with aegis or lionskin tied around neck
REV - Prow BA above PHI I below DELTA at right
REF - Mamroth 21b
NOTE - The style of the obverse portrait is strongly reminiscent of Ptolemaic portrait bronzes.
gae051_o gae051_r
Macedonian Coin GAE051
Philip V to Perseus 181/168BC - Double Unit
AE 19.6-20.6mm : 7.83gm
OBV - Reeded head of river god Strymon facing right
REV - Trident with dolphins below, MAKE DONON, monograms below
REF - SNGCOP 1299 var
gae044_o gae044_r
Macedonian Coin GAE044
Perseus 179/168BC - Unit
AE 18.4-19.2mm : 6.656gm
OBV - Hero Perseus in Phrygian cap facing right, harpa in front
REV - Eagle standing open-wing on fulmen, B A either side of eagle head, B(Pi) monogram
gae577_o gae577_r
Macedonian Coin GAE577
Perseus 179/168BC - Unit
AE 17.7-18.8mm : 5.690gm : 4h
OBV - Alexander in lionskin headdress facing right
REV - Rider on prancing horse crowning horse facing right. BA above, EP to right, OMEGA/IOTA and DELTA IOTA monograms below.
REF - cf Dragonov 760, AMNG 16v
NOTE - Obverse in the style of Alexander III and reverse in the style of Philipp II.

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