AV8RPro++ Advanced Flyer Timeline System GUI Features

AV8RPro++ Has A VCR-like Control Panel GUI

* items in the above list are advanced features that you don't get on the Flyer software or any other Flyer support product. The 'live' program time timecode readouts during shuttling and jogging are indispensable features you can't get in ANY other Flyer-related product.

Imagine, you simply select a clip from the available text list, tell it to start shuttling, and INSTANTLY you see a moving cursor on the timeline display AND true program-time and clip-time TIME CODE readouts. PAUSE at any time, and simply click on the Set Inpoint or Set Outpoint buttons. AV8RPro++ transforms your Flyer editing session into a FAST, FUN process, but there's MORE...

AV8RPro AV8RPro++ GUI Screen Shot (655x439, 256-color GIF, 16KB)

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