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Updated: January 2007

Industrial experience includes over 25 years computer programming and custom computer system integration as a product developer, high tech systems reseller, author, and inventor.

History of Experience

September 1989 -
Product Development Manager, Videobotics (formerly MegageM Digital Media)

Videobotics creates and sells software for the direct and network-remote control of video equipment such as pan/tilt/zoom cameras, VCRs, DVD players and recorders, and video switchers. Videobotics is the descendant of the previous company name, MegageM Digital Media. Videobotics is specifically oriented toward the control of equipment using Windows PCs and Java software technology whereas the earlier MegageM product line represented a wider range of scientific, mathematical, graphic, and video-related software specifically oriented to the Amiga computer community. MegageM has been superceded by Videobotics. Videobotics also continues relations with a narrow range of vendors of advanced live and post-production video equipment that originated with MegageM.

For complete information about Videobotics products and services, please see the Videobotics.com website.

MegageM was a software developer, publisher, consultant, and reseller of digital media content, systems, and related products. Development of MegageM products ceased in 1997.

Responsible for all MegageM product design, software development, hardware development, product documentation (manuals and internal documentation), publication, distribution, internet web site, marketing, purchasing, accounting, planning, and sales. Developed and expanded MegageM retail operations: became authorized Commodore Amiga value-added reseller (since 1991), reseller of specialty products (Amiga computers and peripherals, data storage systems and stereoscopic 3D video systems), and publisher of outside-authored Amiga software.

Developer of Java software packages for internet and remote-control (device) applications. The CamMotion products have been favorably received worldwide and are in use by numerous Fortune 500 corporations and government agencies and in 14 nations around the world.

Developer of Amiga (68000) computer assembly language software and hardware products with emphasis on scientific/mathematical, video graphics, computer video animation, stereo 3D/virtual reality, and industrial applications. MegageM's Amiga products have received numerous favorable reviews in a variety of Amiga-oriented publications in the U.S. as well as the U.K., Europe, and Australia (review references on request). The products are:

Sales of popular video production system to video production companies, television stations, and cable broadcasters. Over ten years experience in custom computer integration including high performance data storage systems and video production applications. Experience with Windows95/98/NT4/2000/XP and AmigaOS.

Project administration and publication of two outside-authored Amiga packages:

Specialty consulting projects

1. American Gramophone - Omaha, NE (current)
Video project with fractal animation. Consultant and contributor.

2. NewTek, Inc - Topeka, KS (November 1994 - July 1996
NewTek manufactures the Video Toaster, Flyer, and LightWave 3D-rendering animation products. In November, 1994, NewTek elected to organize its first third party developer conference and to write and present development tools to a newly organized group of existing developers products which support NewTek's own products. MegageM was engaged to prepare the first documentation and developer conference and later to administer the developer support program.

3. CyberMind Corporation - San Francisco, CA (August 1994)
Staff training in Amiga operations and servicing for high-end virtual reality game systems.

4. Aerojet General - Azusa, CA (1985-1986)
Artificial intelligence analysis of satellite operations.

Previous Positions

December 1988 - August 1989
Continuing Motorola 68000 and Amiga assembly language programming column for Amiga Plus Magazine (Antic Publications, 544 Second Street, San Francisco, CA), a bimonthly magazine/disk publication dedicated to support of the Amiga community. Eight articles appeared, each article accompanied by source code and executable examples. Articles are specialized to explore the Amiga multi-tasking operating system, floating point math operations, and graphics.

January 1988 - December 1988
Software Engineer
Authoring and initial Amiga computer software product releases by MegageM:

February 1987 - November 1987
Amiga Machine Language Programming Guide (Compute! Books Division of Chilton Trade Book Company - April, 1988). An introductory to intermediate level programmers guide to the use of 68000 assembly language for the Amiga. Includes sections on 68000 microprocessor, Amiga operating system and GUI methods, Graphics, and Floating Point math with numerous examples. The book presents an efficient programming method for Amiga assembly language. With co-author, D. Leavitt.

1984 - 1986
Inventor and Technology Development Consultant
Created an unique artificial intelligence (logic programming) language for industrial automation applications. Patent applied for (patent awarded, 1990). The complete technology related to this language and its potential hardware implementations was licensed to UMECORP, Inc. in December 1986. Co-developed (with UMECORP) a specialized microcomputer/controller for the express purpose of running this language for automated industrial control applications.

January 1986 - February 1987
Regular "Advanced Computer Concepts" column for II COMPUTING magazine, an Apple II journal published by Antic Publications in San Francisco, CA. Bimonthly column accompanied by example Apple II Basic programs implementing a variety of algorithms in mathematical, fractal graphics, and artificial intelligence programming.

October 1983 - June 1984
Software Engineer/Contractor
Independent contractor to ESI in Los Angeles. Projects included conversion of Atari Basic educational children's games (with graphic animations) to 6502 assembly language in both Commodore 64 disk and VIC 20 cartridge (firmware) formats. Responsible for complete game conversions and accurate re-creation of the original animations, as well as firmware (EPROM game cartridge) prototype manufacture. Additional project involved development of a specialized interpretive language (in 6502 assembler) for a Commodore contract by ESI to develope the instructional/tutorial software cartridge included with each Commodore C-16 computer.

August 1983 - January 1987
Software Engineering Consultant
In addition to above major projects as an independent contractor, and as a consultant/contractor on a number of smaller projects for:

November 1982 - March 1983
Synchro, Inc. Software Division Hampshire Road Westlake Village, CA
Firmware Department Manager
Responsible for 6502 microprocessor assembly language video game development for Atari 2600 VCS. Staff of two additional programmers in this department. Completed development of one Atari 2600 video game cartridge product.

October 1978 - October 1982
Elscint, Inc. London, England and Westlake Village, CA
Sales support for worldwide marketing of computer-based medical imaging systems including computerized axial tomography systems. Extensive worldwide travel, sales support, and training of physicians and technicians. Sales conferences and trade show participation.

December, 1976 - October 1978
Artronix, Inc. St. Louis, MO
Sales support for worldwide marketing of computer-based medical imaging systems including computerized axial tomography systems. Extensive worldwide travel, sales support, and training of physicians and technicians. Sales conferences and trade show participation.


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