AV8R Controller

Stealth1 FlyerWire(tm) Integrated Jog Wheel Edit Controller

Stealth1 FlyerWire(tm) Edit Controller with Jog Wheel

FlyerWire(tm) is a convenient hardware unit that just plugs right into your Amiga's serial port. Plug it in and it works instantly with the Stealth1 software. Now you can use professional editors' most important tool - real hardware edit controls - on your Flyer. Editing? Simple! Click the Play button, click the Pause button - then click the Set InPoint button! Easy and NO MOUSE to fumble with and NO 'CONTROL PANELS' to open and close just to accomplish a simple edit! The FlyerWire(tm) edit controller provides 15 functions, so you can accomplish large chunks of your edit session mouse-free.

The FlyerWire(tm) is top quality all-metal construction, made specially for MegageM by the J.L. Cooper company of Los Angeles, a leader in audio and video control devices. There are seven keys/buttons and the jog wheel action is solid and smooth. It comes imprinted with the proper key legends, appropriate for a Flyer-oriented edit controller.

FlyerWire Controller Functions

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