Link&Log(tm) - The Network-linkable VCR control and tape logging system!

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Link&Log is a trademark of MegageM Digital Media.
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Link&Log (L&L) is a full-featured VCR control package for Win95/Win98/WinNT systems.
And Link&Log lets you operate your VCR over standard networks.

Link&Log provides:

L&L lets you control your VCR on your own PC or have a co-worker at a remote location operate the VCR independently. Video output of your tape can be easily viewed with standard available PC video-input devices and viewed at the remote client system's location using freely available programs such as Microsoft's NetMeeting (tm of Microsoft). L&L includes a server program to run on the (local) PC that is controlling the VCR (over a COM port connection). L&L also includes a client program that can be run from a remote location and can connect to the server program to operate the VCR remotely. Link&Log brings a combination of tape control and logging features to any modern PC or notebook computer and opens up the capability for shared editing and tape logging at a distance, over TCP/IP LAN or internet networks.

Welcome to the Link&Log information center. The outline of all the important features of Link&Log is directly below.

Link&Log operates from a clean, point-and-click GUI and features:

  1. Works with standard computer-controllable VCRs:
    Link&Log lets you connect a standard RS422/9-pin or Control-L/LANC VCR to your PC's available COM port. RS422 adapter cables are supplied with Link&Log. This includes most professional and broadcast VCRs as well as many pro-sumer camcorders and VCRs. Typical models include all JVC Digital-S, many Sony BetaCAM and DV units, Canon XL1, and many more.

  2. Standard VCR Playback Controls:
    Play, pause, stop, fast forward, and rewind operate by simple point-and-click GUI 'buttons'.

  3. Playback speeds of 1/5, 1/3, 1/2, 1, 2, and 5X, too.

  4. Cue to time code, cue-and-play, and segment review:
    Direct keyboard entry of time code values to cue and review tapes, and you can review any tape clip from the tape log GUI window as well. Tape segment review can be performed in either locally with the server XVCR program or remotely via the ReXVCR client program - including review of any tape clip from the active log at either location.

  5. 'Live' display of VCR timecode:
    Updated several times per second, you can observe the tape time readout on your PC in the XVCR or ReXVCR GUI Time Code display. See screen shot images below.

  6. 'Live' display of VCR status:
    Updated several times per second, you can observe the VCR operational status on your PC in the XVCR and/or ReXVCR GUI Status display. See screen shot images below.

  7. Direct control using the XVCR 'server' program:
    XVCR is the server program you use to control a VCR that is connected to your PC.

  8. Remote-control over any TCP/IP network (LAN and internet):
    All features can be remotely operated by your co-workers via the ReXVCR 'client' program. XVCR Server and ReXVCR Client programs include IP-number lookup capabilities to establish direct IP-IP port socket connection.

  9. Local and Remote Tape Logging:
    Use either the server or remote client to open a tape logging UI and set in/out points of interest. Tape log files can be saved in either industry-standard CMX-compatible format or AV8R tape-log format for batch digitizing on popular systems including NewTek's Flyer (using separate AV8RPro++ software for the Flyer). LnL EDL's are also compatible with In-Sync's Razor NLE software and with NewTek's new Video Toaster for Windows NT.

    You can log on a PC or notebook and later perform batch digitizing with AV8RPro++ on your Flyer system or Razor on your new Video Toaster NT.

XVCR Link&Log's XVCR Server Program GUI Screen Shot (320x460, 256-color GIF, 7KB) Updated 10/27/98

rex Link&Log's ReXVCR Remote Client Program GUI Screen Shot (320x470, 256-color GIF, 7KB) Updated 10/27/98

logger Link&Log's Tape Logger GUI Screen Shot (510x460 4-color GIF, 11KB) Updated 10/27/98

Link&Log Pricing:

Link&Log Software: $249.95 (includes basic model RS232-RS422 VCR adapter cable)
Special Beta Version Early Adopter Offer: $199.95
AV8RPro++ Owners Special Price: $129.95!
High Performance RS422 VCR Adapter: $99.95
LANC VCR Adapter: $149.95
AV8RPro++ owners may use existing RS422 and/or LANC cable adapters previously obtained for use with A++.

Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

$6.50 for software only
$10 for software/hardware combination

Ordering Link&Log is easy.
CALL - 805 349 1104 (California time, 10AM to 5PM, M-F) accepts Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover cards.

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