About The MegageM Digital Media Logo

Many folks ask about the MegageM Logo. MegageM is a 'palindrome' (spelled the same forward and backward - or as we say, spelled backward). I liked the amazing symmetric character artwork of Scott Kim that I first saw in Douglas Hofstadter's 'Godel Escher Bach'. I had a hint from Scott Kim himself, which I modified and redesigned.

The logo actually has the entire 'word', MegageM, encased in itself.

The logo has a large stylized M around the outside. Just inside the M are two E letters, facing in opposite directions. Inside the E letters is one large dual letter G all in one piece, its own mirror image so it serves as two G letters. At the center, like the word MegageM, is a single letter A.

The logo, as you can now see, spells MegageM, forward and backward. It is self-contained, its own mirror image, like the MegageM palindrome. The logo is itself a palindrome.

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