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VidiCalc3:The Time Mechanic Demo is now a FULL-function free download!
VidiCalc3 now performs time code addition and subtraction *and* has PAL capabilities as well!
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VidiCalc3: The Time Mechanic automatically and instantly inter-converts 5 different video and film production time formats and adds/subtracts time codes as well:

You can directly type in NTSC NDF (30FPS) or DF (29.97, as broadcast in NTSC) or PAL time codes or enter a numerical value of fields, frames, or film-frames and VidiCalc instantly computes all the others.

Or you can use the sliders to set NDF or PAL Hours, Minutes, Seconds, and VidiCalc continuously calculates the results and updates all the time readouts smoothly and instantly.

Try the free demo and you'll find it's the handiest way to convert from non-drop-frame to drop-frame and to instantly calculate relationships between standard film and video formats.

VidiCalc3 is an indispensable production tool that will save lots of time and confusion when you're working on the big project!

Download a FREE Full-function time-limited demo version of VidiCalc3!

The full no-time-limit version of VidiCalc3 is only $29.95 for Pentium-Win95/98/NT computers.

Shipping free (delivery is by electronic transmission). Credit cards accepted.

Ordering VidiCalc3 is easy!

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