MegageM's NEW Flyer 4.2 Project Time-Line Display

YBT is now included FREE with NewTek 4.2 upgrades!

YBT gives you COOL features in a quick, easy-to-use program:
  1. A SUPER-FAST Timeline Display of YOUR Flyer and/or Toaster 4.2 Project

    • Separate time bar lines for A Video, B Video, FX, Graphics, and 4 Audios
    • Color coding even shows which video clips have audio.
    • Color coded FX types on the FX line (ILBM effects, Anims, Algos, etc.)
    • Quick visual assessment of your split audio edits.
    • Simultaneous text list of up to 32 Project entries with their time codes.
    • Visual reference in display list to clips with split audio.

  2. A Timeline Slider to glide through your project along the timeline.

    • Step the Timeline Slider with the RightArrow and LeftArrow keys, too.
    • Jump to beginning, end, or mid-project with quick-key commands.

  3. A Zoom Slider to SCALE (zoom) your timeline

    • Step the Zoom Slider with the UpArrow and DownArrow keys, too.
    • Scale the Timeline to view 10 seconds up to 10 minutes at once.
    • Color-coded 'hash marks' show 1 sec, 10 sec, & 1 min intervals.
    • A quick click of the keyboard 'C' key clears the hashmarks, too.

  4. Each Crouton's Text List Entry shows FOUR key time code values:

    • Video event true start time
    • Video event duration
    • Audio event true start time (real readable audio timing values!)
    • Audio event duration

  5. Quick Key Commands

    • Single keystrokes jump to beginning, end, or mid-project.
    • Arrow keys instantly move through the timeline or re-scale it.
    • Single keystrokes toggle the timing reference reticles.
    • Highlighting feature lets you focus on any single timeline entry.
    • Switch between start-time/duration time code displays or start-time/end-time.
    • Instantly shift YBT's timeline to a selected crouton in the Flyer project.

  6. Instant 'Find-It' Highlighting of ANY Listed Crouton's Time Bar

    • Keystrokes RAPIDLY step up and down the text listing of croutons.
    • The corresponding timeline graphic 'bars' are INSTANTLY highlighted!
    • Extremely fluid operation lets you RAPIDLY focus on ANY crouton.
    • No more ' Where IS that on the timeline?' - Instant visual reference!
    • Even highlight SPLIT AUDIO!

  7. Instant YBT Timeline Shift to Any Crouton in the Project

    • Select a Flyer Project crouton
    • Return to YBT and press the 'v' key
    • YBT instantly jumps its timeline display to that crouton!
    • Lets you instantly focus on problem areas in your project.

  8. YBT now has even more convenient integration directly within the Flyer/Toaster4.2 editor's Programs Popup menu!

  9. YBT works GREAT with Video Toaster 4.2 'stand-alone (non-Flyer), too!

    You can use YBT with a Toaster-only (4.x version software) and get the benefits of seeing a timeline layout of your Toaster-only projects, too!

    Finally, a basic tool that lets you quickly see how your audio edits are lined up with your video and edits - and check time code values for multiple edits at a quick glance.

  10. Under the hood ...

    YBT is 100% Amiga Assembly Language for COMPACTNESS and SPEED. YBT redraws your timeline SUPER-FAST as you glide through your project or adjust the time scale with the sliders or arrow keys.

    You'll be amazed at YBT's speed. When you start YBT, it analyzes your project (at about 50 croutons PER SECOND!). From then on, all YBT's timeline drawing operations are virtually instantaneous. If you change your Toaster4.1 or Flyer project, YBT can quickly re-analyze the project (via a keyboard click, a menu selection, or even via ARexx!) in a few seconds and you're quickly back to instantaneous viewing of your project on YBT's color-coded, scalable timeline.

    YBT is displayed on a 16-color HiRes Amiga screen, with enough horizontal pixel resolution (656 pixels across) to show up to 10 minutes of project and still view events which only last but one second.

YBT answers the continuing and CRYING need expressed by thousands of Toaster and Flyer owners - "I want a TIMELINE!"

OK, MegageM has a FAST, useful Toaster & Flyer timeline display for YOU!

And it's economical, too - because it's MegageM's GIFT to you with Flyer 4.2!

If you like YBT, you're going to LOVE AV8RPro++ which add LOTS of power editing features to the timeline environment you like so much in YBT!

Full-Size YBT ScreenShot For Viewing and Download

YBT uses an Amiga 'HiRes' screen, 656x440 resolution, 16-colors. Here it is in all its glory, showing the 'select/highlight' feature at work. You can see that a Video+Audio 'crouton listing' is 'bulleted' on the text list above, and the corresponding pair of time bars (a split audio edit!) is 'underline-highlighted' with white lines on the graphic timeline display.

YBTScreen YBT Screenshot - (656x439 pixels, 16-color GIF, 12KB)

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