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The Bar Code Scanner Systems for Amiga

BarProB is the bar code scanning system for Amiga computers. You may choose a hand-held wand or laser gun scanner hardware. The scanners connect to your Amiga's serial port. Efficient 'wedge' software is included. It runs in the background and watches for incoming bar code scans.

When you scan a bar code, the wedge transforms it into Amiga input events. Your Amiga thinks you typed in the bar code information on your keyboard and even 'hit' the 'RETURN' key. That means you can scan bar codes into almost ANY Amiga software program (Superbase, PageStream, even the Shell!).

BarProB scans all the standard types of bar codes:

Using BarProB is easy - just attach the scanner's power supply, plug it into the Amiga serial port, and run the BarProB 'wedge' program. There's even a French Language keyboard version of the Wedge program for Canada and France.

Then just scan away!

When you're done using the scanner, activate the convenient KillWedge program to turn off the 'wedge' program.

You may also be interested in the complementary product, BarProA , a bar code graphics and printing program. BarProA software is included with any purchase of BarProB.

BarProB Wand systems cost only $499.00 (BarProA included).

BarProB Laser Gun systems cost only $1199.00 (BarProA included).

Ordering BarProB is easy.

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