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This page is for MegageM's Amiga, Toaster, Flyer, and related products. See: Product Ordering & Pricing for CamMotion, JL Cooper MCS3000, Link'n'Log, and VidiCalc and
Video Toaster NT Pricing and Ordering for Video Toaster NT, Frame Factory, Systems, Drives, and more.

ONLY $69.95!
Special: 3-CDROM SET: MegaClasX, FractalPro Image Library, and VideoGems: $99.95.

AV8RPro++ Pricing and Upgrades:

AV8RPro++ Software: $399
Jog Controller: $249.00 ($299.00 if purchased separately)
RS422 VCR Adapter: Model 1 - $49.00 NEW LOW COST MODEL! (FREE with purchase of A++ software)
LANC VCR Adapter: $149.00
JVC Adapter to convert GR-DV1 camcorder to RS422 - $599
RS232 Adapter for use with Sony UVW1200 and Sony UVW1400 - $149.00
Triggered Time Code System: - CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER - CALL

From AV8R to AV8RPro++ - $149.00
From AV8RPro to AV8RPro++ - $99.00
From AV8RPro+ to AV8RPro++ - $49.00

Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

$7.50 for software
$15.00 for software/hardware combination

Other NewTek-related Products From MegageM

  • Stealth FlyerWire - $349
  • Upgrade Stealth FlyerWire to AV8RPro++ - $339
  • Stealth FlyerWire upgrade for existing AV8R-FlyerWire Jog Controller owners: $89
  • Stealth LayerPlayer software - NEW! - $129
  • Upgrade Stealth LayerPlayer to Stealth FlyerWire - $279
  • Upgrade Stealth LayerPlayer to AV8RPro++ - $339
  • VideoGEMS Toaster/Flyer/LightWave CDROM & FREE FractalPro Image Library CDROM - $99.95
  • MegFX 41 real-time split-screen and layering FX for Flyer and/or Toaster4.x projects - included on MegaClasX CDROM!
  • ScapeMaker 4.0 3D Object and Compositing w/LightWave Object Support (Amiga software) - included on MegaClasX CDROM!

    Feature Comparison Chart For AV8RPro++, Stealth FlyerWire, and Stealth LayerPlayer

    Amiga Graphics, Graphic CDROMS, and Graphics Videos

  • FractalPro 6.10 Fractal Art and Animation - included on MegaClasX CDROM!
  • FractalPro Image Library Volume 1 CDROM - $29.95
  • FractalPro Image Library Animation Sequence CDs - $custom
  • FractalPro - The Movie 38-minute FractalPro Animation video (standard VHS) - $49.95
  • CellPro 1.1 Cellular Automata Software - included on MegaClasX CDROM!

    MegageM Amiga Productivity Software Products

  • BarProA Bar Code Graphics & Printing - included on MegaClasX CDROM!
  • BarProB Bar Code Scanning Wand (includes BarProA) - $499.00 (special order)
  • BarProB Bar Code Laser Gun (includes BarProA) - $1199.00 (special order)
  • NeuroPro 2.0 Neural Network Artificial Intelligence - included on MegaClasX CDROM!
  • JobTracker 1.0 Project Time and Charges System - included on MegaClasX CDROM!

    Amiga and PC Stereoscopic Video and Computer Graphics Systems

  • AmiVR1 Video Stereo-3D interface, glasses, 3D videotape, software - $299.00
  • AmiVR2 Video Stereo-3D interface, 2 glasses, 2 3D videotapes, software - $399.00
  • StereoPro Joystick Stereo-3D glasses, software - $219.00
  • StereoPro parallel port interface w/glasses, games for PC - $99.00! LIMITED!
  • Spare set of 3D LCD Glasses - $79.00 LIMITED SUPPLY!

    Computer Recreation, Multiplatform CDROMs, Videos, and General Interest

  • NeuroPro 2.0 Neural Network Artificial Intelligence (Amiga) - included on MegaClasX CDROM!
  • FractalPro - The Movie 38-minute FractalPro Animation video - $49.95
  • FractalPro Image Library Volume 1 CDROM (Amiga and Multiplatform) - $29.95
  • RandomCDs Random Number (Amiga and Multiplatform) CDROMs - $199.95/pair
  • FractalPro - The Movie 38-minute FractalPro Animation Video (VHS) - $49.95

    Selected Amiga and NewTek Products: NEW LOW PRICE ON A4000 TOWER!

    • Amiga 4000 Tower Computers (stock, 68040, 6Mb ram, 1Gig HD) - CALL
    • NewTek Video Toaster 4000 4.x - CALL
    • NewTek Flyer 4.x - CALL
    • Hard drives for Flyer and VTNT - CALL

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