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NEW! The MegaClasX CDROM
A major collection of all of MegageM's Amiga classics, a programmers goldmine of tools and articles, and important utilities and extras for NewTek Amiga Toaster and Flyer owners.
Only $69.95.

MegaClasX has three major collections of software, books and articles, and programmer/developer's materials:
  1. The Amiga and Toaster/Flyer Programmer's Goldmine
    • NewTek DevCon - The complete developer materials from the three NewTek Developer Conferences held in 1994 and 1995. NewTek has given permission for this distribution which includes:
      • Flyer Developer documentation and programmer's guide, include files, and documentation.
      • Toaster FX development and programming files and documentation.
      • Toaster ColorFont development files and documentation.
      • Lots of examples and sample programs in C and assembler.
    • Amiga Machine Language Programmer's Guide by Daniel Wolf and Doug Leavitt. *The* assembly language programming text that sold over 10,000 copies. Complete click-to-read text chapters and all programming examples, ready to compile, including a complete assembler. This book has been out of print for some time, and we continue to get requests for it. Now it's available again in this convenient form.
    • Series of eight Amiga programming articles by D. Wolf, originally published in Amiga Plus magazine.

  2. Toaster/Flyer User's ToolChest - Classic and NEW Packages
    • MegFX The collection of 41 split-screen and layering real-time FX for Flyer
    • FlyerCOM ARexx Flyer language for scripting commercial insertion, automated Flyer playback, and kiosk systems.
    • FasCal - *new* low-level precision calibration program for the Flyer board, lets you adjust the pots right on the Flyer board
    • AV8R - the original Flyer timeline program, version 1.06. Later evolved into the AV8RPro++. AV8R is a nice editing-support timeline that functions as a 2nd interaction screen for your Flyer. Loaded with powerful features (Flyer project EDL, interactive timeline, align-audio-to-video, visual in/out editing, timecode displays, and more).

  3. The Complete Collection of Amiga Classic Programs published by MegageM
    • FractalPro Fractal Art and Animation v6.1
    • ScapeMaker The 2D to 3D object conversion and compositing program for VistaPro and LightWave, version 4
    • RPaint ARexx-programmable Autopaint & Titling/Presentation Programs in ECS (1.0) and AGA (2.0) versions
    • JobTracker 1.0 Project Time/Charges and Billing Program
    • NeuroPro Neural Network Artificial Intelligence
    • BarPro/A Bar Code Label Printing Program v3.2
    • BarProB Bar Code Scanner Wand Drivers and Support Package v3.0
    • CellPro Cellular Automata Art and Animation Program - v1.1 and v1.2 (PAL and NTSC)
    • AmiVR The software package of games and utilities for 3D LCD shutter glasses

    and more!

You get 40 megabytes of material including dozens of programs, a complete book, articles, Toaster/Flyer tools and developer materials, and more. All organized with click-to-read text icons and individual install-icons for each software package. On one convenient CDROM.
Over $500 originally, now only $69.95, complete.

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