CellPro CellPro

The Cellular Automata Art and Animation Program for Amiga

CellPro is the only complete cellular automata art and animation package for Amigas. You can rapidly create beautiful animations or just observe CellPro and learn more about cellular automata - the little 'machine's in your computer!

CellPro is available in NTSC and PAL versions. And you get an overscan version, too. CellPro works in 320x200 16-color resolution for NTSC (384x240 overscan) and 320x256 for PAL (320x292 overscan).

CellPro lets you automatically save all the images (produced at the rate of 1 image per second or FASTER) to your hard drive to build into amazing gorgeous animations.

CellPro includes a variety of popular and powerful cellular automata algorithms, each of which creates a unique and beautiful sequence of images:

The image at the top of this page was made with CellPro's Replicate tool.

There are also some nice enhancements:

The 'Designer' algorithms let you create your own CA algorithms. And there are plenty of Designer algorithms already waiting for you, included on the disk (Parity, Lichen, Banks Computer, and many more...). When you work with the CA Designer screen in CellPro, you can save your designs or load them from disk.

CellPro also lets you load LoRes images from disk so you can let the CA algorithms 'work' on them (and plenty of sample images are included). This is quite a powerful method for animated Video Titling applications - you can generate interesting and unique-looking titling animations.

CellPro is beautiful and a source of almost endless fascination for casual users of all ages. It's also a great animation tool for the pros.

AVID Magazine said: "belongs in every Amiga designer's and animator's library."

CellPro works on almost any Amiga - AmigaDos 1.3 or higher. One megabyte or more ram is recommended, and a hard drive is recommended for saving the images and creating animations.

The current version or CellPro is v1.1.

CellPro v1.1 costs only $59.95.

Ordering CellPro is easy.

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