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Welcome to the MegageM Digital Media RPaint Page!

RPaint 1.0 is a paint program with ARexx support for almost all features. You can even let RPaint 1.0 'record' your paint actions into a runnable ARexx script which will reproduce your actions automatically!

RPaint 1.0 is designed for ECS Amigas running O.S. 2.04 or higher. It is an easy-to-use paint program with many of the popular Amiga paint program features PLUS the bonus ARexx capabilities. And it is ECONOMICAL! Only $49.95!

RPaint 2.0 is a major upgrade to RPaint with AGA 256-color support and MANY new features!

RPaint 2.0 is ONLY $69.95!

Ordering RPaint is EASY!

This page is under construction ...

We'll add a download of the FREE RPaint demo program! If you CAN'T WAIT - you can download the RPaint demo FREE from Compuserve's Amiga Graphics Library!

Come back soon ...

Updated August 10, 1996.

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