JobTracker JobTracker

The Time and Charges Program for Amiga Professionals

JobTracker lets you set up project entries for the clients you charge by units of time. Then establish a time unit and charge per time unit and let JobTracker track all your work session charges. When you want to send a bill, let JobTracker print its 'history' file of all your sessions for that client's project and include it with your invoice.

JobTracker gives you an easy user-interface to set up your projects, and when it's running you can iconify the project window. You can also just watch JobTracker accumulate the running time and charges. Each work session (when you turn JobTracker's clock 'on') becomes an entry in that project's history file. You can view and print the project history file at any time.

JobTracker even includes an 'alarm' function to alert you when you run overtime on a project and makes sure your project information is up to date by saving its data to your hard drive every 5 minutes.

You can set up a variety of time units in JobTracker, including

Then you can set the charge per time unit from $1.00 to $9999.99 and JobTracker will track work session charges to the penny!

Each JobTracker project you make gets its own graphic icon and you can run multiple JobTracker projects simultaneously.

There's even an ARexx command to turn the clock 'on' or 'off'.

JobTracker is a great professional tool for your billable project work.

JobTracker was written by Thomas DeVeau and is published exclusively by MegageM Digital Media.

JobTracker requires AmigaDos 2.04 (or higher) and a hard drive.

The current version of JobTracker is v1.0.

JobTracker v1.0 costs only $69.95.

Ordering JobTracker is easy.

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