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True Stereo3D Viewing Systems for Amiga, Video, and PC

The Amiga 3D software that was included with AmiVR is now available on the MegaClasX CDROM, our collection of most of the popular MegageM Amiga software products and much more. If you're an Amiga fan, the MegaClasX CDROM is what you're looking for - it's *packed* with many programs, articles, and images.


PC Parallel Port StereoPro System and Spare Glasses

MegageM specializes in supporting Amiga and video applications in stereoscopic 3D. We have three models of viewing systems as well as a variety of content, 3D stereoscopic videotapes, and other 3D services.

Our viewing systems include:

About True Stereoscopic 3D Amiga Graphics and Video

Stereoscopic 3D provides a true 3D depth experience because separate images are presented to our eyes. When we see things, each of our eyes views the world from different locations and sees a different view of the world. The way computer graphics and video can reproduce this true 3D experience is by presenting a different image to each eye.

There are two ways to do this: either by placing a tiny viewing monitor in front of each eye (like you see with expensive virtual reality head-mounted displays) or by putting two images of a single scene or object onto one display in rapid succession and permitting each eye to see only the one image that it should. We use the latter method.

The Amiga is an ideal computer for presenting 3D stereoscopic images by placing two alternate views rapidly and letting each eye see the one which it should. The Amiga has INTERLACE, which is a method of placing two images on the Amiga screen in a single 1/30 of a second. Each image lasts for 1/60 of a second. Our liquid crystal shutter glasses can be triggered to let each eye view the 1/60 second image that it should see. If you view INTERLACE 3D images without the glasses, they seem to consist of two images at once which are horizontally displaced. When you use our glasses, the two images are merged by your brain's visual system into a single true stereoscopic 3D view!

Field Sequential 3D Format for Amiga and Video

The new format for 3D stereoscopic images is call Field-Sequential, in which the two pictures are placed into INTERLACE format from the beginning. When you view a Field-Sequential Amiga image, you see it already transformed into simultaneous views with horizontal displacement. The Field-Sequential images can be viewed with ANY Amiga viewing program! Even better, the Field-Sequential format images can be recorded to Video and played back for viewing with our video interface products (AmiVR1 and AmiVR2). All the newer Amiga 3D software for 3D creates the Field-Sequential format for maximum 3D video compatibility. All 3D videotapes are in Field-Sequential format. Field-Sequential format is inherently video-compatible. Field-Sequential format simply exploits the basic nature of video - it is interlaced at 1/60 second timing just like the Amiga's interlaced graphics modes! Our AmiVR interfaces simply trigger the viewing glasses to synchronize their activity with the natural sync of ordinary video - a perfect match between 3D, Amiga, and video!

XSpecs, Imagine, and the Old 'Over-Under' 3D Amiga Graphics Format

The first Amiga product for 3D stereoscopic viewing was the XSpecs. It used a joystick-port interface a lot like our StereoPro (see below). The images it used didn't go into the INTERLACED mode until you viewed them with special software. When you view the old XSpecs images with an ordinary Amiga viewing program, there are two pictures, one above the other. The special viewing program put the two pictures into INTERLACE format and the effect is exactly like I've just described above. The Imagine 3D rendering program still uses this format. We provide viewing software for 'over-under' images AND we also give you simple instructions for converting them into Field-Sequential format using Art Department Professional (it's a one-step operation in ADPro).

About the Video Interface (AmiVR1 and AmiVR2) - For Field-Sequential 3D

This interface synchronizes the 3D glasses by detecting the interlace sync signal from 3D video passing through the interface. This interface has a 'video in' RCA jack and a 'video through' RCA jack. You connect your source of (composite) 3D video (from a VCR, computer, etc.) to the 'video in' and connect a cable from the 'video out' to your composite monitor. You can use this interface in several ways:

About the StereoPro Joystick-Port Interface

This interface uses a software program which triggers the glasses to operate in sync with the Amiga's graphics output. This interface can be used with ANY Amiga computer and does not provide any capability for video viewing (unless you play the video INTO your Amiga via a genlock). This interface is lower cost and is ideal for those applications which only require viewing 3D graphics on the Amiga monitor. This interface is virtually identical to the old XSpecs product. This interface has connectors for TWO sets of 3D liquid crystal shutter glasses.

About Our 3D Glasses

Our 3D liquid crystal shutter glasses are 'universal', that is, they work with any of our viewing system interface AND they work with the older XSpecs product. Old XSpecs glasses will also work with our interfaces. The glasses may be one of several types, at our discretion. You may receive the visor type glasses with an elastic headband or a set which is more like ordinary sunglasses (no elastic band, no visor, just regular glasses). All of our glasses work with PAL or NTSC graphics and video.

About the Software Disk You Get With All MegageM 3D Viewing Systems

This disk includes a great variety of stuff:

About the AmiVR 3D Videotapes

You get either 1 (AmiVR1) or 2 (AmiVR2) videotapes you can view on our AmiVR systems and your VCR. These are standard VHS tapes (normally NTSC, but PAL are available for PAL countries) with a variety of clips of computer-generated 3D and real-world 3D video.

We also have a large catalog of other 3D videotapes you can purchase. Please go to the Stereo3D page of our web site for a full list of computer graphics, travelog, and feature films in 3D format!

Other 3D Viewing Systems

We have a variety of systems for viewing by large audiences. These include video projection systems and several technologies of glasses. Large audience 3D systems are custom, to order, and prices start at about $10,000 for a complete system. You need to call MegageM for more information.

Creating 3D Video

We can provide systems for shooting your own 3D video or we can shoot it for you with our own 3D stereoscopic camera and editing facilities. To shoot 3D video you need identical genlockable cameras, a mounting system, and a multiplexer. Complete systems start at about $4000. Editing 3D video can be tricky, but Video Toaster, Flyer, and Personal Animation Recorder are all 3D-compatible. Call for more information.

MegageM can also create computer-generated 3D animation with LightWave and VistaPro. We can also provide output to tape (3/4, 8mm, Hi8, and VHS) in field-sequential format, edited on the NewTek Flyer, or files of 3D animation for the Personal Animation Recorder or your choice of format. We provide NTSC 3D video capabilities only.

Special Note - We are Virtual I/O COMPATIBLE!

All our software and videotapes are ALSO compatible with Virtual I/O 3D video head-mounted viewing systems! The Virtual I/O glasses can be used directly with an Amiga1200 for an incredible immersion experience.

MegageM performed a one-on-one demo for the president of Amiga Technologies using our ARexx scripting 3D software with Virtual I/O glasses during the Video Toaster User Expo in Los Angeles on November 3, 1995. Stay tuned for more information! There's a potential for some extremely COOL consequences for Amiga 3D in the very near future.

Ordering Your 3D Viewing System from MegageM

AmiVR1 costs only $299.00

AmiVR2 costs only $399.00

StereoPro Amiga costs only $219.00

StereoPro PC (parallel port PC interface version) - $99.00 (LIMITED!)

Extra Pair of glasses for any of these systems - $79.00 (LIMITED SUPPLY!)

Ordering 3D viewing sytems from MegageM is easy!

For more information, you can call MegageM at 805-349-1104 from noon to 5pm California time.

Full-Size 3D Field-Sequential Image For Viewing and Download

3DCube 3D Cube w/ FractalPro Pics - Field Sequential ( 752x480, 256-color GIF, 107KB)

We'll add more stereoscopic 3D image downloads soon!

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