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MegageM 3D Video Tape Catalog - General Viewing

Note that, unfortunately, many previously available 'Hollywood movies' (Frankenstein, etc.) tapes are no longer available. Some of the new titles we don't have much information except title and general type of material, but we hope to post more information soon and are happy to have new listings on offer.


Updated 10/14/02

These tapes are intended for use with our AmiVR 3D liquid crystal shutter-glasses viewing systems and they also work with Virtual V/IO glasses and some other systems. For more information on our AmiVR 3D viewing systems for video and Amiga computers, please check out our AmiVR Web Page.

Title                   Date/Rating  Length	     	Description

Stereo GFX Vol 1,2,3	1991 G  25 min ea	Fantastic computer graphic shorts - Amiga to Cray
World of 3D Vol 1	1989 G 	65 min	Robots, outer space, movie trailers, Lilly Tomlin, etc.
World of 3D Vol 2	1990 G 	60 min	Vincent Price, 3D slides, karate, movie trailers, microworlds
World of 3D Vol 3	1990 G 	72 min	Rock'n'roll, rollercoasters, animations
World of 3D Vol 4	1990 G 	78 min	Thailand, Japan, Expo90, graphics, hummingbirds
World of 3D Vol 5	1990 G 	84 min	Lions, chimps, 3D news, Bill & Coo, Expo 90, Mars
World of 3D Vol 6	1990 G 	80 min	Rock videos, Expo90, rare 3D movies, cyberspace
Hi Tech in 3D V1,2	1991 G	120 min	NAB 91 exhibits, HDTV, 3 different 3D systems, etc.
Stereo Medicine 3D V1-3	1992 G	90 min ea	Hi tech for medicine
3D TV Tech Vol 1,2,3,4	1991 G 	80 min ea	Rarely seen 3D video equipment demos
Virtual Worlds V1-6	1991- G 	100 min	Virtual Reality conference exhibits from advanced VR labs!
3D Magic V1,2		1991 G	80 min ea	Best demo selections from various (formerly offered as 'Outrageous 3D')
Animal World in 3D	1991 G	80 min
Out The Window in 3D	1997 G	35 min	All new computer animation in 3D
3D Computer Animation V1-6		About 30min/ea	
3D Teasers V1-3						Excerpts from 3D films
Rare 3D Movies V1-6					Six volumes of shorts
3D Movie Trailers V1-2					Movie trailer bits
Hi Tech Video
3D Video Art by Al Razzutis

Kyoto in 3D		1990 G 	60 min	Major Japanese tourist attractions, temples, palaces, etc.
Thailand in 3D V1,2	1990 G 	65 min ea	Art, temples, people of Asia's most popular stop
California in 3D	1991 G 	90 min	Hi-tech parks, Christmas, psychics ...
Las Vegas in 3D		1991 G 	70 min	Stars, shows, casinos, the famous Strip

Mars in 3D		1980 G 	35 min	3D Mars stills (b/w), 3D Viking lander motion footage (color)
Cyberthon in 3D		1990 G 	80 min	Virtual Reality fest - inside Cyberspace helmets - a VR must!
Expo90 in 3D V1,2,3,4	1990 G	35 min ea	Japan Expo, biotech, robots, etc.
Expo92 in 3D V1,2,3,4	1992 G
Christmas in 3D		1991 G	90 min	Christmas songs, dances, and decorations
Mountain Fair
Festival of the Lake
Pleasure Faire
Whole Life Expo
Blowing Rocks Preserve

Hot Air Balloons
Iguassu Falls (world's largest and most spectacular waterfall at Brazil/Argentina border)

Hideous Mutant		1976 PG 75 min	Giant ape attacks Asia - great 3D and Asian scenery
The Zoo						

No More Jokes			1984 G 	70 minutes
Sitting on a Golden Porch	1986 G 	70 minutes
Broom and Black Hat		1987 G	70 minutes
Kidnapping of the Century	1981 G	70 minutes

Outlaw Territory	1953 G 	90 min	Surrealistic Western.  Restored from only 3D print.
Empire			1986 PG 90 min	Japanese costumes - fast action, best 3D effects on film!		
Warlord						Chinese Kung-fu action - great 3D
Revenge						Chinese Kung-fu action - great 3D

Rage at Dawn
Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon
Goliath and the Vampires
Ivan the Terrible Part 1
The Thief of Baghdad
The Gene Krupa Story
Hercules & the Princess of Troy
Swordsman 2
Electronic Monster
Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet

Ordering Information

For credit card orders, phone MegageM at 805 349 1104 (California time zone, 10AM to 5PM, M-F).
Prices are for NTSC VHS - (PAL Available On Special Order - Allow 2-6 Weeks) add $15 for Beta or 8mm add $20 for SVHS or Hi8 (call on Hi8).
ALL tapes returnable ONLY if defective and ONLY for same title.
ADD 7.75% tax for all orders shipped to California.
Shipping: $6.00 for 1, $2.00 each additional tape (Priority Mail in North America) $38.00 for 1, $5.00 each additional tape (outside North America, air post)
Allow 4 - 8 weeks for delivery.

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More 3D Content is in Progress!

MegageM is working on more 3D tapes and a CDROM of 3D imagery. We've been doing extensive 3D animation rendering with LightWave. We'll update this page as soon as more information is available.

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