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The 3D Object Creation and Compositing System for Amiga

ScapeMaker Version 4.0 Saves LightWave Objects (.LWO format), Too!

ScapeMaker was originally released in 1992 as a tool for creating 3D objects for the Vista/VistaPro DEM (Digital Elevation Map) format. ScapeMaker has undergone several revisions since then and now has a sophisticated GUI and a LightWave object saver.

ScapeMaker can transform 2D images into 3D objects. ScapeMaker can also load existing VistaPro DEM files and composite them in a variety of ways. For example, ScapeMaker lets you load in a IFF image, make it into a 3D object, then load in an existing DEM object and add it to the one just created from a flat IFF image. You can extrude your logo from a mountaintop!

ScapeMaker provides two simultaneous 3D object work areas, both of which are visible. The work areas show the 3D object in 16 shades of gray, with higher 'elevations' (Z-values) shown in the lighter shades. A legend beneath each work area shows the maximum and minimum Z values of the work area.

In addition to the convenient GUI, ScapeMaker also lets you access most functions from menus with keyboard shortcuts. There is also a very thorough ARexx command set for all of the ScapeMaker capabilities.

Obtaining VistaPro and LightWave 3D Rendering Packages

ScapeMaker DEM objects can be rendered as 3D objects by VistaPro. VistaPro is published (for the PC) by Virtual Reality Laboratories (805-544-8515) and (for the Amiga) by Chaocity (805-925-7732).

ScapeMaker DEM objects can also be rendered with Scenery Animator for the Amiga, available from Natural Graphics.

LightWave objects can be rendered only by LightWave (available on PC, Alpha, Amiga, SGI, and MIPS computers), published by NewTek (913-228-8000).

MegageM is a dealer for both VistaPro and NewTek and related products , so you can obtain both rendering tools from MegageM.

Ordering from MegageM is easy.

Here are ScapeMaker's Features:

The ScapeMaker GUI and 3D Object Work Areas

The screen shot image you may view (below) shows ScapeMaker's GUI layout. You can see the two work area displays on the lower portion of the GUI and the feature selection buttons at the top. For this image, the left work area shows a 3D object made from an IFF image of MegageM's logo. The work area on the right shows an existing VistaPro DEM of a mountain, and the MegageM logo object has been 'added' to it!

ScapeMaker is now at Version 4.0.

ScapeMaker v4.0 costs only $49.95!

Ordering ScapeMaker is easy.

Full-Size ScapeMaker Images For Viewing and Downloads

LWRender ScapeMaker LightWave Render - (752x480, 256-color GIF, 55KB)

Screen ScapeMaker 4.0 GUI Screen Shot - (640x400, 256-color GIF, 22KB)

This page is under construction... we'll add some ScapeMaker 3D LightWave object downloads!

Updated August 22, 1996

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