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NEW! MegageM's SBFD (Super-Big-Flyer-Drive)
The best thing for the Flyer since hard drives were invented.

An technology breakthrough permits MegageM to offer a 120Gigabyte drive kit for only (CALL FOR LATEST PRICE). That's over 6 hours of HQ5 storage on one drive - plenty of room to swim around. And field-reports from the first Flyer power-users are very positive. If you've been wanting *BIG* storage for your Flyer without spending $thousands, then *call*. You'll get a complete kit including a latest-technology super-fast drive with a special adapter to let you hook it up to your Flyer's SCSI drive chain, and a power cable adapter to power the setup like an ordinary hard drive. Imagine - no more clunky boxes full of cables and connectors. You can put two of these on your Flyer and have tons of video storage in a very small footprint using the latest in drive technology - at 1/2 the cost (or less) compared to a high capacity 'video raid'. Call 805 349 1104. NOTE: This kit is intended for installation by those who have at least minimal experience in the mounting, cabling, and software formatting procedures required to install Flyer drives.

Sorry - no returns and no guarantees of performance or compatibility on SBFD kits due to the wide range of Flyer installation variations.

More Popular MegageM Toaster/Flyer/Lightwave-related Products

AV8RPro++AV8RPro++ $399.95 incl RS422 VCR Control Cable

The only Flyer timeline program, with timeline editing support, timeline audio-to-video sync, live-action clip editing and timecode readouts, VCR control for tape logging, batch digitizing, and editing Flyer output to tape, freeze/save Flyer video clip field images, LayerPlayer(tm) real-time two-channel video mixing and layering, GPI trigger output, and much more. Optional hardware jog-wheel edit controller ($250) and LANC VCR adapter ($150). Now includes adjustable VCR-speeds for tape logging and batch digitizing and new ARexx commands to support OZWare's ShortCutsPro. AV8RPro++ Now Available! Full Info and Screen Shots

Stealth PicStealth LayerPlayer - $129.95

Realtime dual-channel video/audio mixing and layering program with controls that appear directly on the Flyer screen. Instantly play two synchronized Flyer clips simultaneously with Toaster FX in 'static partial' state for unlimited duration split screens, layered video, and advanced CG effects. Astonishing results you never thought you could achieve with your Flyer. Unlimited dual-stream mixing and layering with NO RENDERING! Full Info

Stealth PicStealth Flyerwire - $349.95

MegageM's cool FlyerWire hardware edit controller with jog wheel, the optional add-on for AV8RPro++, now available separately with software drivers that integrate its functions directly into the Flyer user interface. Click on a clip icon in your project and instantly jog, play, pause, and edit in/out points using the handy high-quality controller. Connects to your Amiga's serial port and give your system a professional hardware addition that speeds your work and impresses your clients. The Stealth FlyerWire system also INCLUDES the LayerPlayer features for realtime dual-channel Flyer clip mixing and layering. Full Info
Feature Comparison Chart For AV8RPro++, Stealth FlyerWire, and Stealth LayerPlayer

MegFX PicMegFX $49.95

The New Combination of Real-Time Split Screen and Layering FX!
For Revolutionary Flyer Visual Effects that work right in your Flyer project and provide split screens (many shapes) and video mixing and layering FX like you've never seen before. MegFX has two main parts: SplitFX - 28 Split Screen Effects and LayerFX - 13 Layered Video Effects. MegFX is simple to install and you can use the effects instantly in your projects. Full Info

NOTE: This item is now only available as part of the MegaClasX CDROM. SEE BELOW.

VideoGemPic VideoGems CDROM $99.95

VideoGems has over 60 NEW Video Toaster/Flyer FX, 36 NEW Toaster CG ColorFonts, FractalPro-generated Framestores and FX, and HUNDREDS of LightWave objects of real-location landscapes (like the whole Grand Canyon, parts of Mars, and a variety of other interesting locations). And it's easy to install. If you have a NewTek Flyer, a Toaster with the new Toaster 4.x software, or you use LightWave on ANY platform, VideoGems is for YOU. Includes Lightwave objects to render the surface of the Red Planet - MARS! Check out our VideoGems ColorFont & LightWave Object sample images and Full Info

FlyerCOM - $99.95

The Flyer Advanced ARexx Language controls Flyer video playback control language for kiosk, commercial-insertion, and other stand-alone Flyer applications. Full Info

NOTE: This item is now only available as part of the MegaClasX CDROM. SEE BELOW.

ScapeMakerScreen ScapeMaker - $49.95

ScapeMaker is a 3D object creation and compositing system for Amiga which can convert 2D images into 3D objects for LightWave3D (LWO format) and VistaPro (DEM format). You can use ScapeMaker to merge 3D objects in a variety of fashions as well as smooth them. For example, you can use ScapeMaker to extrude your logo from the side of a mountain. You can also use it to convert DEM objects to LWO format for LightWave3D. Full Info and Screen Shots

NOTE: This item is now only available as part of the MegaClasX CDROM. SEE BELOW.

MegaClasX MegaClasX CDROM FULL INFO - $69.95

MegaClasX is a CDROM collection of MegageM's 10-year-long series of great Amiga software programs as well as a number of tools and programs specifically of interest to Toaster and Flyer owners. Please review the special web page on MegaClasX for a complete description too lengthy to place here. Includes MegFX, FlyerCOM, AV8R, and more. Tons of great stuff for a great low price.

MegageM is an Authorized NewTek Toaster, Flyer, Lightwave and VideoToaster (PC/NT/T1/T2) dealer. We frequently have spares, Amiga components, and continue to offer diagnostics and repairs on legacy systems.

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