FlyerCOM - The Advanced NewTek Flyer Command System
Updated 10/3/99

FlyerCOM adds a set of over 20 ARexx commands to the NewTek Flyer non-linear video editing system. Many of these commands add useful Flyer control features not found in the NewTek Flyer software.

Here are some of the commands:

and many more!

FlyerCOM can be operated from ARexx or directly from an Amiga Shell. A serial port version of FlyerCOM is also available separately for remote control from any terminal or other computer.

FlyerCOM is ideal for scripted or timed clip playback for automated systems, cable system commercial insertion, kiosk applications, and vertical market- oriented Flyer-based systems.

FlyerCOM costs only $99.95

Ordering FlyerCOM is easy.

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