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The VideoGems CDROM!


NEW! Introducing MegFX
Split screen and Layering FX for Flyer Projects

VideoGems has PLENTY of goodies for anyone using the Video Toaster Character Generator, Framestores, Switcher FX, and/or LightWave3D (any platform!). And, of course, it is compatible with the Toaster/Flyer 4.1 and Toaster stand-alone 4.x releases from NewTek. The LightWave objects work with all current releases of LightWave on ALL platforms. We've even made BMP and GIF versions of the new KILLER FractalPro IFF images so they're compatible with ALL computers. You can use the images as LightWave texture wrap tools and more!

MARS! - The VideoGems LightWave object collection includes a set of over 200 linked patches of the surface of Mars. These are designed to mate along their edges correctly, enabling lengthy flyovers and large renders of a substantial area of the Martian surface!

For Toaster 4.1 and Flyer users, just put VideoGems into your CDROM drive and click on the simple Install icons for A2000-based or A4000-based systems.

This TERRIFIC Toaster/Flyer/LightWave support package is available NOW!

ONLY $99.95!

Ordering VideoGems is EASY!

Download VideoGems LandScape Object LightWave-Rendered Images

Crater Lake Crater Lake LightWave-rendered VideoGems Landscape LWO (768x480, 256-color GIF, 42KB)

Mandelbrot LightWave-rendered Mandelbrot Set LWO (768x480, 256-color GIF, 121KB)

Download VideoGems Toaster ColorFont Sample Images
Cool new fractal-textured CG fonts in 80, 60, & 40 points.

OBoldItalic OBoldItalic ColorFont Test - 80, 60, & 40 Points (752x480, 256-color GIF, 52KB)

VCDemi VCDemi ColorFont Test - 80, 60, & 40 Points (752x480, 256-color GIF, 47KB)

GGBold GGBold ColorFont Test - 80, 60, & 40 Points (752x480, 256-color GIF, 50KB)


The New Combination of Real-Time Split Screen and Layering FX!

MegFX has two main parts:
SplitFX - 28 Split Screen Effects
LayerFX - 13 Layered Video Effects

Now Shipping! - MegFX is a package of 28 split screen and 13 layering effects you can use in Flyer projects for real-time layering and split screen operations. You'll be able to provide a variety of splits and layers for user-selectable time periods up to 1 minute - with no rendering delays and no hue shifts. These new-technology effects will save you time and provide real-time multiple-video-source visual effects not previously available in your Flyer projects.

Ordering VideoGems is EASY!

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