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Updated September 8, 1998


NEW! Introducing MegFX
Split screen and Layering FX for Flyer Projects


The New Combination of Real-Time Split Screen and Layering FX!

MegFX has two main parts:
SplitFX - 28 Split Screen Effects
LayerFX - 13 Layered Video Effects

Now Shipping! - MegFX is a package of 28 split screen and 13 layering effects you can use in Flyer projects for real-time layering and split screen operations. You'll be able to provide a variety of splits and layers for user-selectable time periods up to 1 minute - with no rendering delays and no hue shifts. These new-technology effects will save you time and provide real-time multiple-video-source visual effects not previously available in your Flyer projects.

Actual User Comments

Here are comments made by those who received and tested two sample effects that are in the MegFX package:
From S.C.
Your new effects are very cool and very "real time." I can think of many uses already. ...
I'm very anxious to see more of these wipes. Keep burning the midnight oil and thanks.
From E.K.
They work great! I have already used the 20% LayerFX in a real job! Doing it through LW would have taken 15 hours of rendering!
From J.B.
Gotta give you a "A" on this one, Dan! These have a real potential for some neat things. Very interesting that they work with clips on the same Flyer drive. Simply amazing!
You get split screen combinations in a variety of shapes (horizontal, vertical, diamond shape, bowtie shape, ellipses, circles, diagonals, and more). You also get 'horizontal squeeze' like seen at the end of TV movies, 13 different percentage layer mix effects, and more. Effect durations range from a few frames up to as much as 1 minute. Some are pre-set to 1, 5, and 10 seconds, some have animated start and finish, and others are 'digital algo' type effects with freely variable durations up to 1 minute. These are state-of-the-art new technology in video effects and are for Flyer 4.x and Toaster 4.x systems only. They will work best with Flyer video clips and Framestores.

MegFX is available for only $49.95. Shipping in USA is $5.00. Credit cards accepted.

Ordering MegFX is easy!

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