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Stealth(tm) Technology for NewTek Flyer!

The Direct-Integrated FlyerWire Plug-In Edit Controller


Real-Time Layering System

Including: LayerPlayer Real-Time Video Mixing and Layering
Download/View LayerPlayer(tm) MPEG sample clips
See Below for Stealth FlyerWire(tm) Jog Wheel Edit Controller picture.

Stealth(tm) is Flyer plug-in technology that integrates fully into the Flyer's own GUI.
With Stealth FlyerWire, you get editing, live time-code readouts, LayerPlayer(tm) (real-time layering/mixing/keying), and many more features in one convenient plug-in that appears directly in your familiar workspace on the Flyer/Toaster GUI. MegageM's Stealth FlyerWire(tm) is now a reality - jog wheel edit control that becomes directly integrated into the Flyer environment via Stealth(tm) technology.


A breakthrough Flyer power-tool from MegageM, the leader in advanced technology for the NewTek Flyer.

Stealth FlyerWire Features Include:

  1. Integrated FlyerWire(tm) Jog Wheel Edit Controller
    The professional way to scrub through clips - with a pro jog wheel that perform 15 functions (play, pause, set-in, set-out, FF, REW, and more), mouse-free - and it now functions DIRECTLY within the Flyer's own GUI environment. You select a clip and the FlyerWire(tm) Controller can play, pause, set inpoint, etc., and even move around on the Flyer Project GUI to select clips for editing and LayerPlayer operations.

  2. LIVE real-time SMPTE time-code displays show Flyer 'program' time and 'clip' time during pause, jog, and FF/REW actions. You can edit by the numbers.

  3. LayerPlayer(tm) Video Layering with Alpha-Key Capabilities
    Astounding REAL-TIME video processing (automatic or interactive settings) -
    • Synchronized dual-stream video layering and mixing
    • Synchronized dual-stream video split-screens
    • Synchronized 'shaped' dual-stream video with partial 'frozen' Toaster FX
    • Selectable degree of mix/layer/FX-action
    • Alpha-keyed video: synchronize one clip playing in a 'keyhole' in another clip
    • Layering capabilities like you've only seen on very expensive competing NLEs
    • Direct LayerPlayer(tm) access from the Flyer's own GUI
    • Instant results - experiment all you wish - NO RENDERING!

  4. HotKeys emulate the Jog Controller actions: Flyer Clip Play, Stop, Pause, Jog, Shuttle, SetIn, SetOut, live Time Code readouts, direct access to Flyer Control Panels, and much more.

  5. Freeze, save, & load Flyer video to/from RGB IFF files
    • Freeze single fields of paused Flyer video interactively (via hotkeys or menu actions)
    • Interactively save any individual Flyer video field to an RGB IFF file
    • Instantly load any 24-bit 752x480 RGB IFF file directly to DV1
    • FAST tools support CG key layering on Flyer fields or RGB images!
    • Ideal for setting up alpha-key imagery for LayerPlayer(tm) operations.

  6. Instantly save the Flyer Project EDL directly to a file in the ram: disk.

  7. GPI Trigger Output
    Your Flyer can now sync up to external triggerable devices (suitable adapters may be required).

  8. TimeCode Output Option with Interactive Control
    Real time code window-dub output, sync'd to the Flyer, is now a reality.

  9. Automatically detect and locate troublesome 'audio track overloads'
    • Tells when you have more than 4 simultaneous Audio Tracks (only 4 can play at once).
    • Alerts you to audio problems the Flyer simply ignores without telling you.
    • Announces the Crouton NUMBER (in the project) of the offending audio item.
    • Even highlights the offending audio-track crouton in the Flyer's Project display!

  10. ARexx command language and support programs
    Integrates many features of the FlyerCOM Arexx Flyer control engine.

  11. And - Under the Hood ... Stealth FlyerWire
    • Provides instant direct access from the Flyer GUI's Programs Popup Menu
    • Is easy and intuitive to use - with simple VCR-like controls for playing and editing clips.
    • Has a toasted 3D-look GUI.
    • and ... LOTS more.

  12. Stealth FlyerWire gives you super-fast operation, compactness, and efficiency.
    Stealth is 100% assembly language!

Feature Comparison Chart For AV8RPro++, Stealth FlyerWire, and Stealth LayerPlayer

AV8R Controller Stealth FlyerWire(tm) Edit Controller (300x200, 256-color GIF, 29KB) Updated 2/25/97

Stealth FlyerWire(tm) Edit Controller Line Art Detailed Drawing (704x399 pixel, 2-color GIF, 6.5KB)
Actual Unit Dimensions Are: 9.5 x 5 x 1.25 inches / 24 x 12 x 3 centimeters - Updated 5/2/98

Stealth FlyerWire Pricing

Stealth FlyerWire System: $349.95

UPGRADE FOR REGISTERED OWNERS OF AV8R/Pro/Pro+/Pro++ Jog Wheel Edit Controllers -
Stealth FlyerWire software upgrade only
- ONLY for AV8R/Pro/Pro+/Pro++ Jog Wheel Controller combo original registered owners: $89.95
- software-only for compatible jog-wheel devices or others: $129.95

Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.


$7.50 for software upgrade only
$15.50 for software/hardware combination

CALL MegageM (805 349 1104, 10AM to 5PM, California time) to arrange your upgrade!

Ordering Stealth FlyerWire is easy.

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