The Professional Fractal Art and Animation System for Amiga and PC

Standard Standard Mode Mandelbrot Set
Stripe 'Stripe' Mode Mandelbrot Set
Binary Binary Decomposition (checkerboard) Mandelbrot Set

FractalPro for the Amiga is now included in our MegaClasX CDROM collection of all the popular MegageM Amiga programs released over the years. Check it out here:
The MegaClasX CDROM Collection

See FractalPro's fractal animation capabilities now...
Download a 23-second MPEG excerpt of the FractalPro - The Movie video!

FractalPro image downloads are on this page, below...

You can also try FractalPro for the PC for free. MegageM has just released FractalPro for the PC and a full- function demo version of it is available for you to download over the net.

Download FractalPro (free demo version) for the PC Now!

FractalPro was used to create many of the new Video Toaster effects, fonts, framestores, LightWave 3D objects, and images on the new VideoGems CDROM.

FractalPro is LOADED with Features!

  1. Complete User Interfaces for Casual as well as Power Users

    • An easy, organized Amiga-style GUI with that '3D' look
    • Menus with keyboard shorcuts complement the GUI
    • A very thorough ARexx command set for all functions
    • Support for NTSC, PAL, and many Amiga AGA resolutions
    • YES! COMPLETELY 68060-Compatible! Super-fast with the new '060 boards!

  2. Ten Fractal Types - Five Pair of Mandelbrot/Julia Types

      Mandelbrot Set      ( Z = Z^^2 + Z )
      Julia Set           ( Z = Z^^2 + C )
    Cube Mandel Set ( Z = Z^^3 + Z ) Cube Julia Set ( Z = Z^^3 + C )
    Quad Mandel Set ( Z = Z^^4 + Z ) Quad Julia Set ( Z = Z^^4 + C )
    Sine Mandel Set ( Z = SinZ + Z ) Sine Julia Set ( Z = SinZ + C )
    Wolf Mandel Set ( Z = WlfZ + Z ) Wolf Julia Set ( Z = WlfZ + C )

  3. Lots of Graphics Modes and Resolutions

    LoRes  Widths   
    320  368  384
    HiRes  Widths   640  736  768
    SHires Widths  1280 1472 1536
    NTSC Heights	 	   200  240  400  480
    PAL  Heights	 	   256  296  512  592
    AGA  MultiSync Sizes	   640x480  1024x768  1280x960
    640x800   640x1024
    AGA  Toaster Size	   752x482
    ECS  Color Mode	   HAM6 -  256 colors (no fringes!)
    AGA  Color Modes	   HAM6 -  256 colors (no fringes!)
    HAM8 - 4096 colors (no fringes!)
    AGA  -  256 colors
      24-bit Color (direct on FireCracker24 and Retina)
    LoRes and HiRes width 24-bit color on all systems
    Up to 16384 colors in 24-bit graphics modes

    FractalPro gives you standard, 'stripe', and binary decomposition (checkerboard) styles of image coloring in all graphics modes. You can also re-arrange the bitplanes of 24-bit images WITHOUT re-rendering to create dozens of variations on a single image. There's even a Negative coloring mode!

    FractalPro always provides you Blue-shaded, Green-shaded, and Red-shaded palette choices. These choices control the 'dominant' shading of the image's colors. Re-shading of images does not require re-rendering.

    When you render in 24-bit, FractalPro lets you choose a spectral (image spread among red, green, and blue bitplanes) or 'solid' coloring. There's also a 'Scheme2' mode that re-arranges the sub-dominant hue bitplanes. That means you can order your image bitplanes in all six possible combinations of red, green, and blue (e.g. for RED shading, RGB is the 'standard' ordering and RBG is the 'Scheme2' ordering, etc.).

    If you don't have a FireCracker24 or Retina, your 24-bit images are simply buffered and you can view them with other 24-bit display hardware or ViewTek, ADPro, ImageFX, and other 24-bit image-viewing software.

  4. Twelve Types of Automatic Animation Sequences
    • Zoom In
    • Zoom Out
    • Pan Up
    • Pan Down
    • Pan Left
    • Pan Right
    • Diagonal Pan Up-Left
    • Diagonal Pan Up-Right
    • Diagonal Pan Down-Left
    • Diagonal Pan Down-Right
    • Julia Cascade
    • Arbtrary Tween
    And more ...

    Selectable Increment of Motion (4 to 20 pixels per animation step)

    Single Step Color Cycling for each successive image if you wish!

    Save all individual images to disk automatically, or rapidly generate only the image coordinate files for an animation sequence (VERY fast) for later rendering or for separating the rendering job between several machines.

    When your animation is complete, FractalPro leaves a text file in your ram: disk (the FPRO.SEQ file) with a list of all picture files (path:filename).

    Cascades are sequences of Julia Set images along a 'line' between two Mandelbrot Set images. Tweens are image sequences between any pair of images.

    You may select 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, or 999 images per animation sequence.

  5. The Standard Features You Expect
    • Magnify up to 200 Trillion Times - 80-bit precision
    • 'Dwell' maxima of 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384
    • Instant zoom/unzoom by 2X (centered fast zoom/unzoom)
    • Visual Zoom region select (2X, 4X, 8X, 16X)
    • Variable Zoom window (auto-corrects aspect ratio!)
    • Variable-speed Color Cycling
    • Sample ARexx scripts you can use or modify
    • Absolutely Gorgeous Image Quality

  6. And Built-in Advanced Features You'll Like
    • The fastest possible 100% optimized assembly language
    • Turbo ultra-speed mode for Mandelbrot Sets
    • Make 3D objects (VistaPro DEM and LightWave) on-the-fly
    • You can select 'dwell-region' widths (1X, 2X, 4X, 8X)

  7. FractalPro Requires:
    • 1 Megabyte RAM (more recommended for 24-bit or higher res)
    • AmigaDos 2.04 or higher
    • Math CoProcessor (68881, 68882) or 68040
    • Standard Monitor for NTSC or PAL
    • MultiSync Monitor required for MultiSync AGA resolutions
    • Hard Drive recommended
    • AGA required for AGA features to be activated

    FractalPro is about BEAUTY.

    FractalPro, quite simply, outperforms any other fractal art/animation package. Whether you like casual fractal exploration or you're a professional with production work to do on a budget and a deadline, nothing else compares. FractalPro will not let you down.

    The current version of FractalPro is v6.10.

    FractalPro *used* to cost $99.95 - now it's on the MegaClasX CDROM collection with tons of other great Amiga software for only $69.95 for the whole collection. Here's the full info on the MegaClasX CDROM:
    The MegaClasX CDROM Collection .

    Full-Size FractalPro Images For Viewing and Downloads

    Image and MPEG files are Copyright 1995-6 by Daniel Wolf.
    All rights reserved worldwide.
    Permission for personal non-commercial use granted.

    Spiral Spiral Mandelbrot Image - Stripe Mode (768x480, 256-color GIF, 363KB)

    Flower1 Flower1 Mandelbrot Image - Stripe Mode (768x480, 256-color GIF, 424KB)

    Flower2 Flower2 Mandelbrot Image - Stripe Mode (768x480, 256-color GIF, 313KB)

    Download a 23-second MPEG excerpt of the FractalPro - The Movie video!

    More FractalPro pics to download!

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