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Download 20-second MPEG excerpts below!

Updated 3/28/03

Our DVD version is encoded at the highest possible MPEG2 quality and looks great.

FractalPro - The Movie is a 38-minute video of the most amazing fractal animations ever produced. It is accompanied by a terrific soundtrack as well. Created entirely with Amigas and Amiga-related products, 'The Movie' takes you on a visual voyage into the infinite - zooms, cascades, flyovers, and more! There are many kinds of fractals and coloring /rendering schemes for a continuously changing viewing experience. Animations were created with our FractalPro, as well as VistaPro, and LightWave. Over two years in the making, FractalPro 'The Movie' will knock your socks right off!

The image above is one frame from the opening title animation (done in LightWave).

Available in NTSC VHS or DVD for only $49.95.

For other formats or licensing for commercial use - EMail us (see email link below)!

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The FractalPro Image Library CDROM collection of hundreds of gorgeous fractal images you can view on any computer. FractalPro for the PC! including a free-trial Java Applet version you can run directly over the net on your Java-capable browser.

Download FractalPro - The Movie MPEG Excerpts!

Download MPEG files are Copyright 1996 by Daniel Wolf.
All rights reserved worldwide.
Permission for personal non-commercial use granted.

A Julia Cascade Tracing the Outline of the Mandelbrot Set

This first excerpt is 23 seconds from a longer Julia Cascade on the video. It is MPEG1, QSIF (Quarter Screen Internet Format - 176x112 pixels). In order to get 23 seconds of video in only 755Kbytes, this video segment has been HEAVILY compressed (about 50 to 1). It is obviously MUCH prettier on the video, but the MPEG file is a remarkably good way to get a look at FractalPro - The Movie over the WWWeb.

The other two segments are additional portions of the video including the opening title sequence and another beautiful section.


Amiga - use the MP program (which accompanies ImageFX from Nova Design) and the following command in your shell:
mp -dither HAM6 casc3.mpg
to get 10 fps or better playback with decent MPEG reproduction.

PC - Try MicroSoft's Media Player - an excellent MPEG player (and easy to obtain on the net at Microsoft's web site - www.microsoft.com - just search for Media Player if you don't already have it. It's built-in with most Microsoft Windows versions nowadays).

Most modern PCs have MPEG playback built-in (with Microsoft's Media Player - used to be named ActiveMovie - is built into Win98, Win2K, WinME, WinXP, etc.) so you don't have to do anything except download these files and double-click them to play them or they may play automatically after they download.

Cascade Julia Cascade Stripe Mode (MPEG, QSIF, 176 x 112, 23 seconds, 755KB)

And here are some more NEW MPEG files!

Opening title sequence w/3D Fractal Globe (MPEG, QSIF, 176 x 112, 30 seconds, 1.3MB)

Julia Cascade Zoomed 24-bit (MPEG, QSIF, 176 x 112, 30 seconds, 1.4MB)

We'll add MORE MPEG downloadable full-motion excerpts from the video...
Come Back Soon!

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