The FractalPro Image Library Volume 1 CDROM (FPILV1) --

-- Hundreds of Gorgeous Royalty-Free FractalPro Images and MUCH more!

Julia Set Fabulous Fractal Images

Thumbnails 3D Renderings

Jessica Fractal Art Overlays

Thumbnails Thumbnails of Groups

FPILV1 contains over 350 spectacular FractalPro images. All images are arranged in groups of 16, with a thumbnail image that shows all 16 in that group. On the Amiga you get conveniently arranged drawer and file icons to click and view the images.

There are images of Mandelbrot, Julia, Cube and Quad Mandelbrot and Julia, Sine, and Wolf Sets. Zooms range from a few hundred to hundreds of billions. FPILV1 represents many many hundreds of hours of rendering!

The Great Wave image on the MegageM Home Page is on this CD, a Wolf Mandelbrot Set.

FPILV1 also includes a group of LightWave texture-wrapped orbiting spheres and a group in which images of attractive models are keyed over FractalPro images using the Video Toaster. These images are superb source material for LightWave textures!

You also get dozens of VistaPro DEM 3D objects created with FractalPro. You can load them into VistaPro and render fractal objects in 3D.

All FPILV1 images are presented in four different formats, compatible with all computers.

The GIF and BMP pictures load instantly in Windows (trademark of Microsoft).

Most of the GIF versions are completely royalty-free!

There are even automatic slide shows for Amiga systems.

Video Toaster User Magazine called this CDROM: "... an absolute GEM"

If you like fractals and fractal art, you'll like FPILV1.

FPILV1 is a beautiful casual viewing experience for people of all ages and interests.

Video and animation pros will love the huge volume of terrific source material.

The FractalPro Image Library Volume 1 CDROM costs only $29.95.

Ordering FPILV1 is easy.

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