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Super Fractal Art and Animation for PC
Mandelbrot, Julia, and 6 other types of Fractals
Animation Sequencing for 8 Pan Motions and ZoomIn/Out.
FractalPro Java Program and Docs are COPYRIGHT 1998 - All Rights Reserved.

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All features are implemented in this web-trial applet version except that you are limited to 280x210 image size and no file load/save or animation sequence saving. The applet version of course also runs slower than the fully compiled super-fast version you can purchase for only $29.95.

Or order the full program with free updates for $49.95 and get the FractalPro Image Library CDROM (beautiful collection of images) included.

FractalPro is also available for the Amiga computer family. The FractalPro Image Library CDROM is a beautiful CDROM collection of over 350 FractalPro images. FractalPro The Movie is a 38-minute video of spectacular fractal animation art for only $49.95.

This Java Applet is your free trial version of MegageM's popular FractalPro. You don't need to download anything - it's here for you to try FREE on the net. Order the super-fast compiled full program version (not an applet) for your PC (Windows 95/98/NT) for only $29.95 (or with free updates for $49.95). The full version allows all screen sizes and file load/save as well as animation sequence auto-saving. Super-fast fractal fun for only $29.95/$49.95.

Quick-Start How-To For The FractalPro Java Applet

  1. FractalPro starts automatically with two windows:
    • The FractalPro Controls Window
    • 280x210 pixel FractalPro Image Window
  2. FractalPro automatically draws the Mandelbrot Set into the Image Window when you first begin.
  3. When the drawing is complete (or if you click on 'Pause'), you may select a zoom window (ZWin) option by clicking on it.
  4. Position the zoom window by clicking on the Image Window wherever you want it centered.
  5. Click on the 'Draw' button to draw the zoomed area.
  6. Repeat the zoom process to delve deeper into the Mandelbrot Set.
  7. As you zoom deeper, you'll need to increase the Count to a higher value than the default starting value of 64 - otherwise you'll notice that successive images get less detailed as you zoom in.
  8. You can also experiment with different Palette options and drawing modes (stripe mode is quite nice!).
  9. If you wish to select a different type of Fractal, it is wise to click on the DefaultXYW button once before you draw with the newly selected fractal formula. Once you have a good Mandelbrot location, it's often amusing to switch to the Julia Set and look at that. The Fractal type selections come in matched 'pairs' - four types of 'Mandelbrot' sets and their corresponding 'Julia' set mates. Z^4M, for example, is a Z^4 Mandelbrot set. If you find a cool image there, try switching to Z^4 J to see it's Julia set partner. Z^3J likewise goes with Z^3M, etc.
  10. If you wish to zoom in quickly, you can always click on the Pause button so you don't have to wait for a whole picture to finish to select the next zoom area.
  11. You can change Palettes, Count value, and Drawing Mode 'on the fly' while a picture is being drawn.
  12. The Resume button continues drawing from the paused location, while the Draw button always starts a fresh new image.
  13. To create an 'animation' sequence you select a motion type (Up, Left, etc.), a motion increment (4/3, 8/6, etc.) and a number of images (1, 2, 4, 8, etc.). Then click on the Sequence button. To halt a sequence before all of its pictures have been completed, just click on Sequence once again.

More information on the full set of features is below. If you purchase FractalPro you'll receive a manual with more information on these features.

This applet is multi-threaded so most ancillary interactions (almost everything except the coordinate modifiers like Zoom Windows) can be used while drawing is in progress.

FractalPro Java Applet is Copyright 1990-9 by Daniel Wolf, All Rights Reserved. No copying or distrubution is permitted. It is presented for your free trial use through this web site for your enjoyment and assessment prior to purchase. Thank you very much for your visit here and enjoy your fractal explorations with FractalPro!

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