MegageM's Flyer Power-Edit Controller with Flyer Project Time-Line and EDL

Added Viewable Picture of AV8R's Hardware Edit Controller Below!

AV8R Original 'Standard' Version
Version 1.06

Full EDL file output and many new features.

AV8R is a pleasing and powerful alternative clip editing user interface for NewTek's Flyer system.
AV8R offers many unique convenience features which speed your Flyer edit sessions!
AV8R turns previously tedious audio sync-to-video trial and error chores into instant, interactive fun!
AV8R COMPLEMENTS the Flyer's own software and fills in where you want help the most!
AV8R is FAST, POWERFUL, EASY to use and SIMPLE to learn!

AV8R gives you COOL features in a convenient all-in-one package:
  1. A VCR-like Project Clip Edit-Controller Panel GUI

    * items in the above list are advanced AV8R functions and features that you don't get on the Flyer software or any other support product for the Flyer! The 'live' program time timecode readouts during shuttling and jogging are indispensable features in AV8R you can't get in ANY other Flyer-related product.

    Imagine, you simply select a clip from the available text list, tell it to start shuttling, and INSTANTLY you see a moving cursor on the timeline display AND true program-time and clip-time TIME CODE readouts! PAUSE at any time, and simply click on the Set Inpoint or Set Outpoint buttons! AV8R transforms your Flyer editing session into a FAST, FUN process, but there's MORE...

  2. Instantly Sync Audio Events to Video Events!

  3. NEW in Version 1.03 - Instantly Sync ANY Event to ANY Time Point!

  4. NEW in Version 1.03 - Instantly 'Shift' Any Event

  5. NEW in Version 1.03 - Instantly JUMP to ANY point in ANY Clip!

  6. AV8R LETS YOU USE A OPTIONAL HARDWARE Edit Controller with Jog Wheel!
    View a picture of the edit controller below!

    This duplicates most of the functions of the on-screen panel with a convenient hardware unit that just plugs right into your Amiga's serial port. Plug it in and it works with AV8R instantly. Now you can use professional editors' most important tool - real hardware edit controls - on your Flyer. Editing? Simple! Click the Play button, click the Pause button - then click the Set InPoint button! Easy and NO MOUSE to fumble with and NO 'CONTROL PANELS' to open and close just to accomplish a simple edit!

    For Flyer owners on a budget, AV8R is also available as a software-only version with the same features, and at a VERY economical price.

  7. A Text List of up to 16 Croutons from Your Project

  8. A Time-Line Display of your Project!

  9. Under the Hood ...

Any one of these great AV8R features would make it worth the price.

View the AV8R Edit Controller Hardware Unit
It just keeps getting better...

AV8R Controller AV8R Edit Controller Hardware Unit Image (300x200, 256-color GIF, 29KB)

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