NeuroPro NeuroPro

The Neural Network Artificial Intelligence Program for Amiga

NeuroPro is a unique and powerful neural network system for Amigas. You can create neural networks according to the textbook methods (3-layer backpropagation) and process information through the networks after they're created.

Neural Networks let you create custom pattern recognition systems. They have been widely used in research and financial applications. NeuroPro lets you process text, image, and bit-array data - even cross-format (e.g. image input with text output).

NeuroPro's powerful pattern recognition capabilities were recently demonstrated by Dr. Michael Tobin in his ChestNet application to chest x-ray diagnosis. This application was recently publicized in the November, 1995 issue of Amazing Amiga magazine.

NeuroPro has an easy, complete Amiga GUI. It even has a complete, real-time, display of the full network operations in color. You also get ARexx commands and complete demonstrations of its application in optical character recognition and language learning.

The key to neural networks is the training of the network, which can be time- consuming. NeuroPro runs at BLAZING speed because it is written in 100% optimized assembly language. On a 68040 Amiga, NeuroPro can process and train up to 200,000 neural network connects per second!

NeuroPro is an amazing and interesting power tool for artificial intelligence applications of Amiga computers.

NeuroPro requires 2 megabytes of ram, AmigaDos 2.0x or higher, and a math coprocessor (68881 or 68882) or 68040 chip for the high speed floating point math.

The current version of NeuroPro is v2.0.

NeuroPro v2.0 costs only $99.95.

Ordering NeuroPro is easy.

Full-Size NeuroPro ScreenShot For Viewing and Download

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NPScreen NeuroPro Screen Shot - (672x440, 256-color GIF, 18KB)

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