CDROMS Packed With Complet FractalPro Image Sequences

MegageM has a library of over 30,000 FractalPro animated image sequences, including:

... and the library is continuing to grow!

These image sequences are terrific for LightWave animated texture maps and futuristic video animations of all types. These image sequences are available on CDROMs. Each sequence contains from 256 up to 3500 images for your animation projects of almost any duration.

You can obtain these sequences in many popular image formats, customized for your application. We already have a large part of this library burned on CDROMs in Amiga IFF format. Most images are available in either 768x480 (some in 752x480). Each sequence is in one of several color formats, either 8-bit (256-color) or 24-bit (true color).

A video sampler of these animations, FractalPro - The Movie, is available for $50, refundable with your order of any sequence on CDROM.

Pricing for these animation library CDROMs is determined by the content you desire (number of images, necessity of transferring to a different format, etc.) and your application. The animation sequences belong to MegageM Digital Media, but we'll include appropriate licensing for your uses along with your purchase. Pricing starts at only $200 for your own custom CDROM with animation sequence images.

These CDROMs are, of necessity, partly customized for each purchaser. Please allow time for creation of your particular CDROM animation library.

You'll need to phone MegageM Digital Media for more information. Call us at 805 349 1104 (California time, noon to 5pm).

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