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Great Wave The Great Wave

The image is called The Great Wave. It is a FractalPro image from the 'Wolf' Mandelbrot Set. The 'Wolf' Set is based on a fractal math formula discovered by Daniel Wolf, author of FractalPro.

This particular image emerged in my early explorations of this interesting fractal formula. When I stumbled upon this image, I was immediately reminded of an image from Dr. Mandelbrot's well-known book on fractals, 'The Fractal Geometry of Nature'. I knew I'd seen that image before - deja vu.

Sure enough, I began searching my copy of Mandelbrot's book and, in the color plates, Mandelbrot placed a famous image from a classic Japanese woodcut by the artist, Hokusai, entitled 'The Great Wave'. The resemblance between the two images is striking. Mandelbrot featured the woodcut image as an example of 'fractal foam' or turbulence in nature's fractal form - from the world of art which long preceded his study of fractals.

I couldn't resist also naming this image The Great Wave.

The mathematical formula for the 'Wolf' Set is found ONLY in FractalPro, and I'm keeping it to myself ...

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GreatWave Wolf Mandelbrot Image - (768x480, 256-color GIF, 129KB)

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