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cammotion cammotion
CamMotion Live Motion Video Webcam with Interactive Pan, Tilt, and Zoom!

Updated 9/5/01. Order by phone - 805 349 1104 - 10am to 5pm, California time - major credit cards accepted. Advanced Video Tools For PC and Internet From: NewTek, Canopus, JLCooper, Addenda, YCPlus, and Medea Amiga-related products, plugins and tools for Video Toaster & Flyer, AV8RPro, 3D Stereoscopic Video, and more!

Companies and Products We Enthusiastically Recommend

NewTek, Inc. Video Toaster, Flyer, and LightWave - Cool Video and Animation Tools!
Megagem has worked in close association with NewTek on their developer conferences and developer support program. We are authorized dealership for all ALL NewTek products (Video Toaster for Windows NT, Calibar, Amiga Video Toaster, Flyer, and LightWave). The FractalPro - The Movie video was edited on a Flyer system and contains many effects, titles, and animations made with Toaster and LightWave.

The Amiga Web Directory - Was the best cool source for Amiga Web links - the premier Amiga Web location for everyone! Now pretty much closed down, it will direct you to the latest Amiga-related links.

Asimware Innovations HotBurn, Audio Thunder, AsimCDFS, and MasterISO
Asimware Innovations are also good friends who create the most advanced CDROM tools (and new HotBurn CD-creation tools for the PC!) and Amiga/Flyer audio processing software!

Dimension Technologies Club Toaster, Composite Studio, FlyFX, and more cool stuff for Video Toaster and Flyer!

New Rule Productions - Video production in Santa Maria, CA by one of MegageM's premier Amiga, Frame Factory, Amiga Video Toaster/Flyer customers!'s demo center for NewTek products!

The Latest In The World Of Science

Genome Information - An educational kit for learning about topics related to the human genome, DNA, microgenetics, and more. You can order a kit on CDROM free to the public and teachers, view video clips on how genes work, and much more. This is a great site for students, teachers, and the general public.

Genome Information - Click on a on-line poster of chromosomes and see where human disease genes are located.

The Human Genome - Info on the the newly published map of our DNA. Browse the chromosomes and see what genes are there. This is fairly advanced stuff.

Genome Information - Bioinformatics tools and tutorials. Understand what everyone's talking about.

Endangered species - Info on the species in peril on Earth.

Shooting Stars - Meteors and more.

Scientific Instruments - A historical gallery of amazing scientific devices.

ChestNet - NeuroPro Neural Network Artificial Intelligence X-Ray Diagnosis Developments

Latest Hubble Telescope Pics - Cool Astronomical Images!

Traveling Hubble Telescope Exhibit - You can never have too much Hubble!

Butterflies - All about butterflies in the USA.

Math Mysteries - Outstanding unsolved problems at the edge of mathematical knowledge.

Isaac Newton - A whole web site on one of history's most important scientific and mathematical geniuses.

Extreme life forms - The most far out living things on Earth.

All about world wide web 'agents' - Those programs that scan the web for information.

Fluid photography - Fluid dynamics of vortices, aurora borealis, shock waves, and more with cool high speed photographs.

Amateur Science - Ideas, projects, and much more!

Physiological Programming - Java applets for modeling physiological processes.

Nanotubes - All about carbon nanotubes.

Astrobiology - Life in outer space!

Developmental biology - Movies of embryonic development.

Volcanos - Satellite views of lava flows.

Deadly bugs - Killer algae.

The Bad Bug Book - Killer bacteria.

Cybernews - Latest news with a neat twist.

Rocket launches - Vandenberg Air Force Base upcoming launch schedule.

Botany Links - Like it says...

Diatoms - Micro critters of great beauty.

Entropy - All about entropy.

Claude Shannon - Of Information Theory Fame.

Physics Fun - Physicists have fun, too. Jokes and Cartoons.

Math Stuff - Links to the world of mathematics.

Earth Shine - Brightness map of Earth's city lights.

Sharks! - 'Nuf said.

Famous Scientific Hoaxes - People will believe *anything*.

Beetles! - Scarabs and more - the live ones.

Acoustics - Visualizations of acoustic phenomenae - cool.

Arts and Entertainment

Wildwood - Pictures, MP3 files, and information on performances for California's Central Coast top acoustic folk music trio.

Mike Landwehr - Comedian and Humorist, Mike Landwehr. A very funny entertainer.

The Jethros - Something's wrong with this music, but ...

Phil Hendrie - Listen live on the net. Phil spoofs the wacky Art Bell call-in show

Computer Art and Fun

Clifford Pickover's Home Page. An awesome location for anyone interested in computer graphics, mathematics, fractals, and related subjects. Clifford Pickover has published some of the best books on graphics, fractals, and the like. He's also a FractalPro The Movie fan!

Computerized optical illusions - Amazing views of vision twisters.

Math movies. - Interactive and artistic math learning tools.

Super graphics Java Applets - Scientific and mathematical graphics Java Applets you can look at - beautiful and wonderful.

Tony Alderson's spectacular 3D stereoscopic imaging web site - tons of important technical information on 3D stereoscopic computer graphics methods and technology.

Very Nice Software Downloads

EarthBrowser - An extremely cool rotating globe with cities and local weather updates, zoom in and out on the world. The demo version is free.

Polyview image viewer and format converter - This is the best little tool for working with pics of all types! I've used it for years and it remains the best.

ProMotion-3D Web Animation - Cool GIF animations for your web design!

Microsoft Media Player and Media Tools - Do a little searching here; this is Microsoft's download center. Microsoft keeps changing the precise URL location for the media player updates and media encoding tools. MediaPlayer works great with the MPEG files on our FractalPro The Movie Video Tape page and is a great general-purpose player for all types of media files like .asf, .avi, .mpg, .mp3, etc. Media Tools gives you tools for creating your own .asf files.

Molecules - Visual Molecular Dynamics (VMD) - Free software for biomolecular modeling and animations - cool!

Exact Audio Copy - A real power-tool for CD-audio rip and CD-burn with high-tech features for precision CD-burn control.

Goldwave - A superb little audio waveform editor.

Oscilloscope - A great little program that turns your sound card into a storage oscilloscope.

Spectrogram - Performs FFT spectrograms on your .wav files. Wonderful!

Free Software - And don't forget our free software page, too - full-function demos of some our coolest products for VCR and other device control, FractalPro fractal art and animation, and much more.

Publius - Anonymous Life on the Internet - Cool new capabilities to preserve your privacy when working with the internet.

Anonymizer - This is a commercial service that we thought might be of interest.

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