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NEW! Super-Big-Flyer-Drive! 120Gigs for $379.95

cammotion cammotion
CamMotion Live Motion Video Webcam with Interactive Pan, Tilt, and Zoom!


AV8RPro++ Is The ONLY Integrated NewTek Flyer Timeline/EDL/Editing/Digitizing/Layering System

NEW! VCR controls to edit Flyer projects direct-to-tape!
NEW! LayerPlayer(tm) sync'd dual-stream video layering, mixing, and alpha-keying - very cool!
NEW! Real GPI output, time code output/window-dub option, and more!
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Download/View LayerPlayer(tm) MPEG sample clips

MORE Stealth(tm) Technology for the NewTek Flyer!

Stealth LayerPlayer

NEW! Software-only LayerPlayer system with LOTS of other features.
Download/View LayerPlayer(tm) MPEG sample clips

Stealth(tm) Technology for the NewTek Flyer!

Stealth FlyerWire

Directly integrated FlyerWire edit controller and LOTS of other features.
Download/View LayerPlayer(tm) MPEG sample clips

Stealth FlyerWire(tm) Edit Controller Line Art Detailed Drawing (704x399 pixel, 2-color GIF, 6.5KB)
Actual Unit Dimensions Are: 9.5 x 5 x 1.25 inches / 24 x 12 x 3 centimeters - Updated 5/2/98

MegFX Pic 2X

28 real-time split screen and 13 real-time layering FX for Flyer projects
Revolutionary NEW Flyer Real-Time Split & Layer FX!

VideoGemPic VideoGems CDROM

VideoGems has over 60 NEW Video Toaster/Flyer FX, 36 NEW Toaster CG ColorFonts, FractalPro-generated Framestores and FX, and HUNDREDS of LightWave objects of real-location landscapes (like the whole Grand Canyon, parts of Mars, and a variety of other interesting locations). If you have a NewTek Flyer, a Toaster with the new Toaster 4.x software, or you use LightWave on ANY platform, VideoGems is for YOU. Only $99.95

WOW! - Objects to render the surface of the Red Planet - MARS!
Download a VideoGems Video Toaster ColorFont Sample Image.

FlyCOM FlyerCOM - The Flyer Advanced Control ARexx Language

For commercial insertion, automated Flyer playback, and kiosk systems.

Available NOW!
FPMoviePic FractalPro The Movie Video Tape

FractalPro - The Movie is a 38-minute video of the most amazing fractal animations ever produced. It is accompanied by a terrific original soundtrack as well. Created entirely with Amigas and Amiga-related products, 'The Movie' takes you on a visual voyage into the infinite - zooms, cascades, flyovers, and more! Animations were created with our FractalPro, VistaPro, and LightWave. Over two years in the making, FractalPro 'The Movie' will knock your socks right off!
Available in NTSC VHS for only $49.95.
Coming SOON as an MPEG Movie on CDROM!

Download THREE MPEG excerpts (23 to 30 seconds each) of the video!

About MegageM Digital Media

>GENERAL: MegageM creates and markets products for video, animation, stereoscopic 3D, artificial intelligence, industrial applicatons, and entertainment. MegageM is also a full-service, authorized Amiga Computer and NewTek Products (Video Toaster, Flyer components, hard drives, and systems) reseller with over 10 years experience in Amiga systems, software development, data storage, multi-platform digital media, and applications. MegageM maintains a HUGE Fractal Art Library of over 35000 images created with FractalPro, VistaPro, and LightWave (available on custom CDROM image sets and as fully animated video).
>LOCATION: Santa Maria, California is about halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco - 20km from the Pacific Ocean. MegageM actively supports the local Amiga club, AmiCOSMO.
>OWNERSHIP: MegageM Digital Media is owned and operated by Daniel Wolf.

>PHONE: 805-349-1104 FAX: 805-922-5003
>ORDERING: Ordering and Pricing Web Page
>OTHER SALES: Quality pre-owned computer equipment, software, boards, books, manuals, and more.

MegageM Products and Services

Toaster_Flyer_LW NewTek's Amiga Video Toaster, Flyer, and LightWave Support Products

Toaster-Flyer-LightWave CDROM| Flyer Timeline Viewer| Flyer Timeline System| Flyer Kiosk-Control Language|
Flyer Layer & Split Screen FX| 3D LightWave Object Software

Fractals Fractals

Fractal Art CDROM| Fractal Image Library| Fractal Animation Video| FractalPro Software for Amiga| NEW! FractalPro Software in Java!

Live JAVA Mandelbrot Zoom Sequence!
NEW! Java Applet Version of FractalPro!

ScapeMakerPic 3D Objects & Tools

3D Object Software| LightWave Object Collection| VistaPro Object Collection

WOW! - Objects to render the surface of the Red Planet - MARS!

Stereo3DPic StereoScopic 3D Hardware, Software, and Content

Stereoscopic 3D Viewing Equipment| Stereoscopic Videos| 3D Videos

Amiga Specialty Software for Unique Applications
Neural Networks, Fractal Art, Paint Tools, Job Tracking, Bar Codes, and more.

Amiga Specialty Software for NewTek's Amiga Toaster and Flyer
Timeline editing tools, real-time video layering tools, plugins, hardware jog controller, fonts, FX, and more.

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