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NEW! The MegaClasX CDROM A collection of *all* the MegageM Amiga programs including FractalPro, CellPro, ScapeMaker, and more. Plus a collection of NewTek Toaster/Flyer developer materials, Amiga programming book and articles, programs for Toaster and Flyer users, and *much* more. All on one CDROM for $69.95.

FractalPro Pic FractalPro Fractal Art and Animation

NeuralNetPic NeuroPro Neural Network Artificial Intelligence

CellProPic CellPro 1.1 Cellular Automata Art and Animation Program

RPaintPic RPaint 2.0 ARexx-programmable Autopaint & Titling/Presentation Program

JobTrackerPic JobTracker 1.0 Project Time/Charges and Billing Program

BarProAPic BarProA 3.0 Bar Code Label Printing Program

BarProBPic BarProB 3.0 Bar Code Scanner Systems

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